What we know of the next Defender, so far!

We have tried to collate all that we know of the new model Defender so far...

The first thing is that Land Rover is planning a large family of cars under the Defender name.

Obviously, we all know that the land rover went out of production last year. The name is not dead yet though... Land Rover is planning big things for the iconic car, and name...

So there will be a launch of a basic model, but also Land Rover is planning to introduce an entirely new range of Defenders, much like the variations of the outgoing model. Sources from the internet, has speculated that there may be an SVR version too, which could be quite interesting, and would be developed by Land Rovers SVO team.

Others have hinted at a particularly gnarly off road Defender SVX

This new Model isn't expected until 2018, maybe even later. McGovern said: “This model is all about durability – that indestructible, durable vehicle which is what a family of Defenders would be.” 

There have been hints at moving the vehicle upmarket too, starting with a very basic model moving up to something quite luxurious...

Being a Land Rover, it will remain a true off-roader. The new model is likely to have an aluminum body on an aluminum chassis, to give good strength characteristics, with less weight than the traditional steel chassis on current cars.

The Land Rover has confirmed, that test mules have been driven, the bosses who drove it, have promised the car will be 'even more capable' than the old Defender where needed!

New Versions of cult classic cars are never easy. The Defender is no exception... Land Rover needs to build a new 4x4 that takes on the DNA of the current model effortlessly. Have the versatility and 'go-anywhere ability. However more difficult for Land Rover is ensuring it can still make more on a car that will likely sell in low volumes...

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