Our Campaign for Land Rover Theft awareness...

We have designed and collated most of the best products to keep Land Rovers safe from Land Rover theft.

Check all available security products here, so we want to get the word out about it, and most importantly about how to keep Landies safe. How can we do this? We are going to do a number of things:

Contact Land Rover groups nationwide

Contact rural police forces and crime watch organisations

Speak to owners whenever we see them, ensuring they are aware of how much of a problem Land Rover theft is.

We have set up a Land Rover Theft awareness group on Facebook, to push the online campaign, but we need to encourage offline awareness, so we are calling on our customers to build this awareness, along with our actions above, we hope to make sure as many people as possible know how prevalent theft is, and equally how to combat that theft with products and procedures.

Please click on the logo below to visit our group and join, should you wish to get advice and encourage ways to build awareness.

Land Rover Theft awareness

Its important to note our advice about security. We recommend all Land Rovers have, as a minimum a visible item, and a tracker. along with as many hidden items as you deem possible and feasible within your own parameters.
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