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Tracker installation London At LRD Security we specialize in Tracker installation nationwide, but can also provide our Tracker installation service in London, we always aim to ensure we get your tracker installed ASAP so that you can keep your insurance company happy. All of our Range Rover trackers are fully approved by both Thatcham, and all insurance companies as well as Land Rover themselves. We can save money on your installation over what the dealer would charge, moreover, we can actually fit at the dealer if you are buying a car, so that you are protected and have total peace of mind as soon as you drive your new car off the forecourt. Car theft across the UK has been rising substantially over the last 5 years Vehicle thefts in the UK have been on an upward trend for years. It's no surprise that London is still home to some of Britain’s top vehicle theft hotspots, and Westminster borough specifically has seen this happen more than others nearby areas. Residents without off-street parking or whose homes don't provide enough space are particularly vulnerable when it comes time for them park their car--therefore we recommend Tracker installation if you're living here! As a result, insurance providers are insisting that motorists install trackers to there Range Rovers to ensure that the vehicle can be covered for theft. With so many high value cars on the streets of London, it's no surprise that this area has been a hot spot for car thieves. It means insurers are now requiring drivers to install tracking devices in order for them be valid under their policies, but don't worry! You may have already done this without knowing because most people don't know where or how these work... Tracking your vehicle is the best way to provide peace of mind, and satisfy your insurance company, but to be thatcham approved, sadly you can't use a DIY Fitted option. You may be surprised at how many people don't know where they need one! The good news? LRD Security can install an insurance-approved tracker in all UK postcodes - no matter what type of car you drive. Plus our team has thatcham apprvoed engineers who'll get to fit your tracker within 1-3 days, in some cases; so if you need a tracker fitted, then get in touch with us for the cheapest prices on the internet. (We can price match too, if by any chance it is cheaper elsewhere). Vehicle Tracker installation London We at LRD Security provide a fully mobile Tracker installation service for all categories of thatcham approved trackers. Sometimes your insurance company won't have advised on the best option for your Range Rover, being a specialist Land Rover security company, we are bast placed to advise on the best options... The more popular option for tracking in London The most popular options of vehicle trackers currently being fitted are the S7 and S5, this is largely driven by requirements from insurance companies. Sometimes you might be fortunate in that your insurance company doesn't stipulate which tracker they would like you to fit. If thats the case, then you will be fine to fit an S7, and fortunately if you fit the latest iteration of Trackstar tracker on your Range Rover, then it can be upgraded at a later stage to the S5, should the insurance company ever change there mind! Trackstar has a 24/7 Monitoring Control Room service, however for your own peace of mind, you are also able to view your vehicle’s location from your private phone app at any time. Your Tracker installation process will be done by one of our experienced engineers at your home, work, or even the vehicle dealership (ready for collection). Within the S7, there are other great proactive functions, for example the Geo fence, battery cut off alert, as well as a tamper alert. S5 Vehicle Tracker installation London Depending on the value of a vehicle and where it is located, some insurance providers might insist that you have higher Thatcham approved category. As such our engineers are busy installing S5 trackers in London because this provides features with level monitoring similar to an S7 tracker but also benefits from ADR security system which triggers instant alerts when certain events occur like key theft or relay attack. The ADR is essentially a key fob and stands for Advanced Driver Recognition system.   Advanced Driver Recognition (ADR) The Tracker ADR system is a covert form of security where you carry your fob with you when driving in order to identify yourself as the authorised driver. If someone either steals or initiates an relay attack on your car, they will be alerted immediately by this little piece of technology and contacted directly so that police can intercept any criminal activity taking place. When it comes to the best car trackers fitted in London, the S5 Tracker is definitely proving to be popular and highly effective - finally putting car thieves at a disadvantage once again! Take a look at our full range of thatcham/insurance approved Land Rover Trackers. Learn more about the Tracker installation products. 
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