Recommended Range Rover Trackers

Trackstar and Range Rover Trackers There are a number of options when considering which tracker to buy for your Range Rover Trackers... We are dealers for all JLR-approved Trackstar Range Rover trackers. and can supply from £399, right up to £1099 for a full cat 5 Thatcham approved unit. The differences in these Range Rover trackers are listed below: The Trackstar S7 system is a Thatcham Cat S7 tracker, and is fully compliant. It uses a secure GPS/GSM unit with integrated motion sensor, and is able to communicate with the Trackstar Secure Operations Centre (SOC), which is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. GPS locating Secure GPS/GSM unit Global coverage Integrated motion sensor Anti-tamper alert Police endorsed Internal lithium battery back up Manufacturer approved Insurance industry approved Trackstar S5 S5 is the unified insurance approved standard for Stolen Vehicle Tracking. The Trackstar S5 system utilises a driver recognition system as part of the Thatcham Category S5 criteria. Functionality above the S7 Driver recognition tags Alarm to SOC when tag not present Thatcham approved S5 Driver recognition tags – units alerts Trackstar Secure Operations Centre (SOC) in the event of the vehicle being driven without the tag present Trackstar S5 Advance S5 Advance provides stolen vehicle tracking with high-tech driver identification technology, which enhances your vehicle security inhibiting unauthorised vehicle start. Ideal in this world of keyless car technology. The technology in this Range Rover trackers has introduced measures to combat increasing levels of car theft where electronic devices are being used... The Trackstar S5 Advance, is certified as a Thatcham approved S5 tracker, but where this differentiates itself from other products on the market is in the hardware that incorporates technology for theft prevention in the first place, in addition to the tracking capabilities that Trackstar are so renowned for. All Trackstar trackers offer global tracking capability in over 50 countries. Features in addition to S5 Driver recognition tags to protect against key cloning Vehicle start inhibit – unit alerts Trackstar control if an attempt to start vehicle is made without tag present and vehicle will not start Trackstar Cat 5 The Trackstar Cat 5  system utilises a driver recognition system as part of the Thatcham Category 5 criteria. Features in addition to S5 Driver recognition tags – units alerts Trackstar Secure Operations Centre (SOC) in the event of vehicle theft using owner’s keys Remote immobilisation (with Police authorisation) All the option above allow you, the owner of the vehicle to stay one step ahead of the thief. These Range Rover trackers have functionality that provide early warning alerts, as well as tracking after the event of the Range Rover being stolen. This means you know where your vehicle is at any given time, thanks to unique gps and sensor detection technology. A Thatcham-approved tracker helps to increase the chances of recovering your Range Rover, which has been achieved in as little as 8 minutes! All JLR approved Range Rover trackers are monitored 24/7 to provide complete peace of mind, and are approved by the majority of insurers and Jaguar Land Rover. As such, installation of a tracker may reduce insurance premiums. Our trackers are also endorsed by all police authorities. All Trackstar and Tracker UK trackers on our website are installed, the cost of this installation is included in the prices on the site.  A subscription is required to enable the tracking of your Range Rover This can be purchased through us on the site, or direct through trackstar. Equally if you have a tracker installed in your previous vehicle and need to transfer the subscription from that to the new one, this is also possible, with Trackstar, however with Tracker UK, its not possible to transfer your subscription. There are several features, to provide peace of mind, and to ensure the highest chance of recovering your Range Rover. Primarily tracking is Global in over 50 countries. There is also a battery backup, so if the battery is disconnected on the Range Rover then you have the capability to track the vehicle still. When activated, the tracker sends the position of your vehicle every 20 seconds! So it won't matter where your vehicle is stolen form, it will be found and recovered by the relevant authorities. Althgouh these Range Rover trackers are JLR approved, they will also work on any vehicle and are approved by BMW and Mini as well.... If you need any advice on which tracker to opt for for your vehicle, please do get in touch with us on, and 01489 630024
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