Our Quick Buyer’s Guide to Land Rover Pedal Locks

The benefits of pedal locks are simple and straightforward: they’re arguably the most secure way to protect your Land Rover Defender. Being more specific, however, there are two main benefits of using a pedal lock: Because it’s highly visible inside your car, a pedal lock more likely than any other accessory to deter thieves from even attempting to take your vehicle And if a particularly determined thief does gain access to your vehicle, a pedal lock prevents them from getting to the pedals, and is specifically designed to withstand tampering and blunt force trauma. In other words, a pedal lock is highly likely to stop automotive burglars in their tracks before they even get near taking your beloved Landy. All of the pedal locks we stock are designed to fit Land Rover Defenders* - and some will work with other Landy models too. This, then, is our complete guide to Land Rover Defender pedal locks currently available at LRD Security. We’ve arranged them in descending order of price, with the least expensive at the top and premium solutions at the bottom. *Although the X-Defend only fits pre-2007 Defender models. See below. Entry-level option or an ideal secondary lock LRD Pedal Pin (£109.99) Price: 4/5 Our very own design, the Pedal Pin is the most affordable model of pedal lock we offer and can be fitted alongside any other pedal lock in our range. That makes it an especially good second lock, giving you that extra peace of mind that your Landy is protected. Which, of course, is one of the main advantages to Land Rover Defender pedal locks in the first place! The LRD Pedal Pin is also super easy to fit yourself. That, combined with the low cost, means you easily can pair it with one of the next two options and still save some money compared to the only dual-lock single option we offer, the ‘ardercase (which you’ll find further below). Low-cost and highly reliable Adrenalin 4x4 Pedal Lock (£109.99) and Centinel Clutch Claw (£119.99) Price: 5/5 Convenience: 2/5 The Adrenalin 4x4 and Centinel Clutch Claw are both highly-regarded, highly affordable options for securing your vehicle’s pedals with some distinct similarities. One of the significant advantages of using a pedal lock is of course the fact that thieves can see it and will give your vehicle a wide berth. You might think that would go out the window (so to speak!) at night-time, but each of these is supplied with a flashing LED so that they can be seen by would-be robbers, even in the dark. Each model is very secure and highly regarded by the motoring press. In terms of differences, the Adrenalin is a bigger and bulkier unit that looks a little more imposing for potential thieves. The Clutch Claw, however, will fit most vehicles – not just a Landy. So that makes it the more adaptable choice if you like to switch between different drives. Whichever you go for, you’ll get the benefits of secure driving pedals, day or night. Medium-range price and easy to self-fit ‘ardcase Pedal Lock(£169.99) Price: 3/5 Convenience: 4/5 With the entry-level ‘ardcase, you get the big security advantages of using a pedal lock in a product that’s incredibly easy to fit. That means you can have it on the pedals quickly when you want to leave the vehicle, and then get back on the move in no time too! Being a compact rectangle shape, the ‘ardcase is also super easy to store – so you won’t need to worry about it flying about in the cabin like a projectile if you have a crash! Also, as it’s bright green, the ‘ardcase is also incredibly easy to see, so thieves will be in no doubt that your vehicle is worth avoiding. We can also offer customised ‘ardcases for a range of Landy models, including any model Defender, Series Land Rover, Discovery, Range Rover Classic, and many more besides. Simply select the ‘custom’ option on the product page. We also offer a custom ‘arcase for the Toyota Hilux, and will soon be able to offer an option for the VW transporter as well. Pairs with: LRD Pedal Pin for 2x the security Convenient use, fitting required X-Defend (£179.99) Price: 3/5 Convenience: 5/5 The X-Defend gives you all of the advantages of using a pedal lock along with one big bonus – it’s easily the most convenient-to-use out of every Landy pedal lock in our range. That’s because the X-Defend has a simple flip-top mechanism. In the locked position, it completely covers the brake, throttle and clutch so nobody can get at it. Unlocked, meanwhile, it flips down and can sit neatly under your floor mat. You’d never even know it’s there. The one big drawback is that the X-Defend needs to be bolted to the floor of your vehicle, which means either fitting it yourself (if you have the know-how and tools) or asking a local garage to do it for you. That could add an extra £150 or so to the price of the unit. The X-Defend is also only designed to work older Landies, and won’t fit any of the Puma models released from 2007 onwards. So if you have a newer model, we’d suggest going with another alternative instead. Pairs with: LRD Pedal Pin for 2x the security Two locks are better than one ‘ardercase (£264.99) Price: 2/5 Convenience: 4/5 This is our shortest section simply because of the nature of the product. The ‘ardercase does everything the ‘ardcase does – but adds a second lock for next-level security. We’re also fans of the bright orange colour, which to use screams ‘hazard’ – as in, it’s likely to prove hazardous to any thief’s attempts to steal your Defender! Pairs with: LRD Pedal Pin for 3x the security! The super secure, premium solution Mechlock Clutch Locking Mechanism (£579.99) Price: 1/5 Convenience: 5/5 Perhaps the least obvious-looking pedal locking solution we offer is, somewhat ironically, also arguably the most secure! The Mechlock is super convenient to use – just a turn of a key can lock or unlock the hydraulics of your clutch. The downside, of course, is the cost. For one thing, the unit itself is by far the most expensive in our selection. And on top of that, just like with the X-Defend, you’ll likely need to pay a garage to modify your vehicle to fit it. Owing to the nature of the install, you’d be looking at around £200-300 to make that happen. All told then, you’d be looking at a price approaching that of a premium tracker with a remote immobilisation function. However, if you’ve lavished a lot of money on your Defender and it really is your pride and joy, you might find the Mechlock to be worth every penny. Pairs with: LRD Pedal Pin for 2x the security Which pedal lock is right for you? If you’ve made it to the bottom and read the full guide, then the reasons why you should have a pedal lock for your Defender will be pretty apparent. And at LRD, we definitely do recommend fitting one. They’re so very effective that it’s certainly worth doing. The only real question is – which one suits your budget and vehicle best? For an even greater level of security, we also recommend pairing your pedal lock with a tracker. You can find more about those and pick the one that’s right for your vehicle in our handy trackers guide. Or, if you’d prefer to discuss your security options on the phone, you can always give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to help!
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