Land Rover Thefts still increasing

Are Land Rover Thefts still increasing? Looking around the web it is easy to see that Land Rover thefts are still on the increase. Take for example the article below from Autocar: Land Rover theft article from Autocar The highlights are: 530 Land Rovers were stolen in West Yorkshire alone over the last five years Only 139 of those have been recovered A warning against showing too much information on Social Media 69% increase in Defender thefts in the last year in North Yorkshire The key ways to combat theft of Defenders is to look at the basics, and looking at the Autocar article, the priority should be a tracker of some description. However the key is obviously to stop the theft in the first place, with visible and hidden deterrents. A pedal box or guard is an absolute must, along with a steering wheel lock or a removable one. The remaining items that need to be covered, are more model specific. Should you require any advice, then please call us on +01489327038 Or email us at
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