Is a tracker a worthwhile investment for my Land Rover Defender?

Land Rover Defender best trackers advice... As always with Land Rover Defender Security and any Land Rover security for that matter, we advise on a multi layered approach as part of this approach a tracker is an absolute must. There are weaknesses to them, as there are with any security product, but in our eyes it is really important to fit one. How many times have we all seen a Social Media post saying 'please find my Defender' or 'Stolen this morning, please share to help me find my Range Rover'. These posts may still occur, but the likelihood of finding the vehicle after its been stolen is increased ten fold. There are a huge range of trackers available on the market, and also available through us too. We feel we have the best selection of trackers available for Range Rovers, Discovery's, Freelanders, Series Land Rovers, Defenders, in fact the entire Land Rover range. Our highlights for the best trackers for defenders is as follows: The self fit option: Defender we always recommend this as a self-fitted option, the reason being is that aside from it being relatively easy to fit, it comes packed with functions not necessarily seen until you spend a lot more on a thatcham rated tracker (S5 Tracker and above) That said, if you plan on asking your Land Rover mechanic to fit it, then the cost for this Defender Tracker gets into a similar price point as arguably better supported units from Trackstar. Fitted options: The Tracker Locate, and Trackstar S7 trackers are both S7 Thatcham-approved units. These are differentiated primarily by the VHF functionality of the tracker locate, and the global tracking capability of the Trackstar S7. The Trackstar S5, tracker is a level up from the S7, and offers driver tags, that enable a notification to be sent to you, if these aren't present when the vehicle is being driven. The Trackstar S5 advance, tracker, offers complete immobilisation when the vehicle is left. The Trackstar Cat 5 tracker, offers remote immobilisation in the event of a theft, under police authorization. The latter two, will work on any vehicle, but have primarily been designed around vehicles with Keyless technology to help combat that growing problem. So, a tracker in our opinion, is really a must in any level of aftermarket security, and it doesn't have to be a big budget one to enable your vehicle to be tracked, but as a rule, the more expensive they are the more capable they are, and the more likely it will be to retrieve your Land Rover Defender in the event of a theft.
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