How to upgrade the basic Land Rover Defender alarm, and keep 'em guessing!

Land Rover Defender alarm | How to upgrade- 4WD It is commonly known among owners let alone thieves that the alarm is located behind the front wing. Thieves are disabling this alarm by removing the headlamp and snipping the wires behind it they then have more time to steal parts of the Land Rover, or stealing the entire Defender. We now stock a kit that enables you to move the Battery Back-Up Sounder to a more discreet location. Anything that keeps the thief guessing for a few more minutes has to be a good thing! Please check out the product here. We are also shortly due to become a Scorpion dealer with Thatcham-approved fitting to be carried out by a new partner of ours. A very good installer in Ashurst, Southampton. So if you need an alarm or tracker fitted to a very good standard, then let us know and we can book you in, please click on this link to get to a contact page!
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