The New Defender Spied...

The New Defender Spied...


Land Rover (LR) is gearing for the launch of the Defender 2020, its most important launch in years and they’re doing little to hide what they’ve got planned. Just last month, the prototype of the Defender 2020 was spotted near the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) test facility in Gaydon, Warwickshire. This prototype was the short wheelbase form, which looked comically short with its camo body paint and covered-up rear quarter window exaggerating this effect.

The Land Rover Defender, much like the Discovery range will form an entire family. The idea is to offer different models to specific user-groups as evident in the plan to include an array of accessories like the roof-top tents and other outdoor-targeted options.

A close look at the Defender shows that it will have an independent rear suspension with the side-hinged tailgate making a return. The body will be built of aluminum, and unlike the 2016 model, the 2020 land rover will be built with the new monocoque architecture which means the body-on-ladder-frame construction goes out. The result of these choices would be a lighter, faster and more flexible vehicle which will work fine as either a workhorse, mountain bruiser, boulevard cruiser, or boulevardier. Although all variations will share an underlying architecture, LR will allow for variations in the choice of tires, axles, transmissions and suspension calibrations to meet the varied customer base.

Customers should expect to get the familiar JLR 2.0 liter four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines at the entry level, but also, they should expect the six-cylinder engine to join in as the old V6s are phased out. Also expected will be the 3.0-liter diesel and petrol engine. All engines are artificially aspirated with some featuring an electric charger to help take the grunt off and increase acceleration.

JLR CEO Ralph Speth hinted it would be ready early 2020 and says it’s in the works and “the Defender is an icon.” Although it’s not known whether the Defender will be sold in the US due to regulatory hurdles, hurdles that kept the old defender from the US market for so long, it would be sold in the UK where it still is the 9th most stolen vehicle and the least recovered. Therefore, customers in the UK would probably want to put specific measures in place to protect their Defender.

Defender security can be improved by purchasing fours simple products from lRD security. These products cost approximately £370.99 and are the Pedal box: From £109.99, Rear Quarter Window Guards: £80, Tracker: From £125 + Subscription and BBUS Sounder relocation loom (For post-1998 model defenders): £60.

With this in place, users can have peace of mind knowing their Defender is always safe and with that, we can’t wait for 2020...

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