Series Land Rover Stolen

Series Land Rover Stolen

Stolen Series Land Rover

A particularly rare £40,000 series Land Rover owned by a collector was stolen. The owner says it's one of the only remaining vehicles of its kind in the world still in 'pristine condition'.

Thieves took the 1958 Land Rover series two chassis number 64 from a locked shed in Saffron Walden in November 2018

The devastated owner is making a desperate plea for his car's return and says even the slightest damage would diminish its value to nothing.

Julian, 48, said: “This is not just an old Land Rover. It is possibly the only one in the world with the original paintwork."

"I have searched for 35 years for this car and if it gets damaged then a Land Rover of this quality and in this condition would be lost in history."

"People always say that something stolen from them is irreplaceable, but this car actually is."

"It’s the earliest surviving series two with the original trim, paintwork and every mechanical part."

“It’s a museum-quality vehicle and I will not find another one like it ever again. There are similar ones around but this is simply a one-of-a-kind."

Stolen Series Land Rover
The 1958 Land Rover that was stolen from Saffron Walden. 

Julian, who runs a classic car business, had left the car in a secure farm shed where he had been visiting a friend.

And overnight the car thieves broke into the padlocked barn and made off with the distinctive car.

The Series two, was a two owner Landy, and had spent nearly all its life on an estate in Scotland. Everything on it was original, and unrestored, a truly irreplaceable Landy, due to its unrestored nature.

Only 1,700 were made at the time of production but most have since stopped running or been scrapped and the remaining one are not in good condition.

Julian's Land Rover with the number plate LMS-940 has only done 29,000 miles which he believes is the original mileage.

"This is the best, most original Land Rover I’ve ever owned and I’m just devastated.

"I need to get it back, it’s not about the money. It’s a vehicle that’s so original that people all over the world ask me for the details so they can get their vehicle restoration exactly the same.

There are a number of products that we do that will help to prevent Series Land Rover theft, namely:

Classic Tracker: a very cleverly thought out unit that is waterproof, and has some clever functions to bring the security of a series vehicle into a modern age.

Pedal pin: This has been designed to fit a Defender, but also fits the series vehicles too.

Ardcase: For something a little more secure the custom ardcase is a great addition to any security on a series vehicle.

Optimill removable wheel: Coupled with a classic looking wheel this is another way to prevent theft of your Series land Rover.

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