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Range Rover Security products and Trackers

Range Rover Security Products and Trackers.

Range Rover pictured in a desert

With recent reports and information showing the most stolen cars in the UK being released by the DVLA, we wanted to do a post to highlight some of the key products that will help in the battle against theft...

The CVLA have revelaed that 56 288 cars were stolen in 2019, which equates to a car every nine minutes being stolen, or 154 a day...

There is data for the top ten, but what we are obviously focussing on is the Range Rover, and subsequently other Land Rover models too. 

The Range Rover ranks as number two in the chart as can been seen below, which for a relatively low volume manufacturer that is a high percentage of cars going... Over 1900 were stolen in 2019


The office for national statistics revealed that around 40% of vehicles were returned to there owners. Its also questionable whether those owners wanted there vehicles back, 75% of vehicles stolen are returned with damage to them. furthermore 22% are written off completely...

There are some interesting facts from the Office for National Statistics too, for example:

  • 63% of vehicles are removed on week days.
  • 42% of vehicles have been stolen on a semi-private area near the owners home
  • 40% of all vehicle thefts are recorded in West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester or the West Midlands.
  • The number of keyless car thefts nearly doubled from 26% in 2008 to 49% in 2018.
  • 11% of thefts are of brand-new vehicles.

What this doesn't indicate, is how many vehicles have parts stolen from them... We have seen a growing trend of discovery 4 lights being stolen, so more to come on that in due course, with products to follow.

Further research of thefts from vehicles does reveal some figures.

£4622 worth of goods, on average, are stolen from vehicles, the most common target for this is exterior fittings (nearly 35%). Valuable are also obviously a target (Just over 20%), followed by electrical equipment which takes 16.5% of the share. and then finally just over 9% is of other vehicle parts.

The top 10 most stolen cars in the UK

Rank Car Number stolen in 2019
1. Ford Fiesta 2,384
2. Range Rover 1,917
3. Volkswagen Golf 1,331
4. Ford Focus 1,200
5. BMW 3 Series 1,042
6. Vauxhall Astra 836
7. Land Rover Discovery 791
8. Mercedes-Benz E-Class 612
9. BMW 5 Series 506
10. Audi A3 456


What can you as an owner do, to prevent theft of your Range Rover.

We whole-heartedly recommend visual measures to send the message that you have taken security seriously, and what better way to do this than fit a disklok. Although its a bit of a pain to fit each time, it will send a very clear message that you know about thefts... and you have other measures in place to help secure the vehicle.


The disklok is available here, and the highlights of this very popular product are:

  • Highly Visible deterrent
  • Sends a clear message
  • Anti pick lock
  • The only full cover wheel lock on the market

Disklok on a white background


We are also distributors for the fantastic iBlue product. Which is a clever new imobiliser on the market and uses your smart phone to imobilise the vehicle... Its available here, and highlights for this great new product are:

  • Invisible protection, no parts are on show
  • Works on all platforms iOS and Android
  • Secure technology
  • Hands free mode

Iblue imobiliser


The best tracker in our opinion for the Range Rover, is the trackstar range, and we also recomend the S5 Advance from this range, available here, the advantages of the S5 Advance are:

  • Recovery of assets in as little as 8 Minutes!
  • Approved by Jaguar Land Rover
  • GPS and GSM technology
  • ADR, advanced Driver Recognition tags, 
  • Imobilisation, the vehicle is imobilised within 30 seconds of leaving it.

Trackstar Logo

Keyless protector

Want to keep keyless technology switched on, on your Range Rover? We have a product that can be used to protect the functionality of the keyless technology but also the convenience... Available here the keyless protector is a fantastic new innovative product that will add another level of security to your Range Rover, or any car equipped with keyless technology.

  • Keep keyless functionality
  • Available for all keyless equipped cars
  • Fitted in seconds

Keyless protector




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