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Our Quick Buyer’s Guide to Land Rover Trackers

Defender in the snow and tracker applications

For those living the Landy life, there’s no more essential Land Rover accessory than a tracker.

The advantages of using a car tracker are simple. You get all the benefits of a GPS vehicle tracking system, so if someone manages to take your beloved Land Rover without realising the tracker is fitted, you’ll have a way to track it down and get it back. (And that doesn’t even factor in the trackers that come with a built-in immobilisation feature – some automatic, others remotely activated!)

It’s fair to say, however, that there are a lot of trackers on the market. And even though we’ve chosen to stock what we believe are the best of the bunch, there is still a lot of variety between those in terms of cost, features and ongoing subscription charges.

With that in mind, we thought it was about time we put together a guide to Land Rover Defender trackers, to help you decide which one is right for you.

Our tracker brands

A great all-rounder and the
easiest to fit of all Land Rover trackers.

The only Thatcham-approved
Land Rover Tracker.

Includes unique VHF
and mesh location technology.

Sophisticated solutions at the
market’s lowest subscription cost. 

S7, S5 or Cat 5?

You can’t write a guide to land rover defender trackers without talking about the way they are graded.

The labels however can be confusing and it doesn’t help that the lower the number, the higher the grading!

To make this simple, the S7 is the base standard for a vehicle tracker, factoring in real-time monitoring of your vehicle, global coverage and a motion detection alert if your vehicle starts moving when it shouldn’t.

S5-rated trackers are the next grade up and include that, plus Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) by way of a key fob. This can also immobilise the vehicle or activate remote immobilisation if needed.

For those who can fit their own tracker

We recommend: Defender Defender (£100)

Cost: £100

This has been specced by us to a level that we'd be happy to install on our own Defenders. As such it includes immobilisation, an external aerial, making it suitable for older defenders with metal dashboards. It also means that it can be buried deeper into the vehicle, making it less obvious to locate...

Possible Land Rover models: Primarily Defender, but able to be used on all models, we say up to £5000 as a guide, but there is nothing to stop it being fitted on more expensive models...

For Land Rovers worth up to £5K

We recommend: Tracker Retrieve (£299 + Fitting)

Cost: £299 + Fitting

Approved to S7 standard, this battery-powered model from manufacturer Tracker has a long five-year standby battery life and includes Tracker’s Military-grade patented VHF technology that’s able to track your Landy even if it’s concealed in a metal container or an underground car park. All the benefits of GPS tracking system without one of the biggest wrinkles – the initial outlay.

Possible Land Rover models: All items without a battery, Series, Defender, Discovery 1 and 2, Range Rover Classic, Freelander.

For Land Rovers worth £5K-£10K

We recommend: Tracker Monitor (£399 + Fitting)

Tracker’s second-tier Landy tracker is S5-rated and, rather than being battery-operated, comes designed to be wired in to your vehicle. That makes it a more permanent fixture, and worth the extra investment to protect a more expensive Landy model. The Monitor also introduces Tracker’s specialist two-way mesh tracking, which enables you to locate a stolen vehicle when it passes other vehicles fitted with a tracker carrying the same technology.

Possible Land Rover models: Defender, Discovery 2, Range Rover P38.

For Land Rovers worth £10-20K

We recommend: Trackstar S7 (£199 + Fitting)

Trackstar’s entry-level vehicle tracker has global coverage and starts at just £199 or £367 with a one-year subscription. Approved by insurance companies, Thatcham and the manufacturer, it’s one of the leading systems in the UK and one of our most popular tracker options with Land Rover owners.

Possible Land Rover models: Defender classic, Defender, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Velar, Discovery 3, 4 and 5, Discovery Sport.

For Land Rovers worth £20K-40K

We recommend: Trackstar S5 (£399+F), Tracker Locate (£479+F) or Tracker S5 Plus (799+F)

You really start to feel the benefits of using a car tracker once you get into the £20k+ price bracket, and investing in a more fully featured tracker just makes sense. The Trackstar S5’s driver recognition tags add a welcome extra layer of security to your ride, while the S7-approved Locate model features improved four-way mesh tracking and coverage across Europe. The S5 Plus meanwhile features everything in the Locate model, plus the option for the tracker to remotely immobilise your vehicle if needed.

Possible Land Rover models: Defender, Defender classic, Range Rover, range rover Velar, Range Rover Evoque, Discovery Sport, Discovery 4, Discovery 5.

For Land Rovers worth £40K+

We recommend: Trackstar S5 Advance (£599+F), Tracker S5 Plus (£799+F) or Trackstar Cat 5 (£999+F)

The more expensive your Land Rover is, the more you’ll feel the benefits of a GPS vehicle tracking system – both in terms of day-to-day peace of mind, and if your Landy gets stolen. For that reason, we recommend trackers at the more premium end of the spectrum for Land Rovers in this bracket. The Trackstar S5 Advance is the most affordable of the three options, and offers Driver Recognition Tags that immobilise the vehicle until the key fob is within range. 

The Tracker S5 Plus and Trackstar Cat 5 models also offer immobilisation, but a version that can be remotely activated by law enforcement if your vehicle is taken. The great benefit of this is over the S5 Advance is of course that if you lose your key fob, your vehicle will still work – without losing the extra security of immobilisation until you get a new fob.

Possible Land Rover models: All brand-new vehicles, Defender Classic, Defender, Discovery 3,4,5, Discovery sport, Range Rover, Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover.

Or for an alternative budget option…

Meta Trak trackers occupy a similar end of the price spectrum to the Defender Defender but with more premium technology and features – including operating centre monitoring, driver ID tags and immobiliser options, as well as coverage across the UK and Europe. 

Self-monitored solutions start at just £64.95. year, with a three-year subscription costing just £139.95. An insurance-approved solution will set you back a still-rather-reasonable £149.95 per 12-month agreement.

Possible Land Rover models: Defender, Discovery 2, 3, Range Rover.

Which Land Rover Defender Tracker is right for you?

We hope our quick buyer’s guide to Land Rover trackers is helpful. Of course, if you still aren’t sure what you need – or if you have a question about fitting – we’ll be happy to help!

Visit our contact page here to get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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