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Choosing the best Trackstar Tracker for your Land Rover

Which tracker do you need for your Land Rover, Defender, Discovery, Range Rover.

The easiest way to start on the path of determining the right tracker for you, is to establish if there are any insurance requirements first and foremost. We don't necessarily advise to just go all out and buy the most expensive option, and the reasoning is something we will advise on in this BLOG. For simplicity this BLOG revolves largely around the Trackstar Range, with an additional bit of information on the Defender Defender range (The Defender Defender range is not insurance approved)

Insurance requirements, these are simply classified into S7, and S5. Within the S5 Category, there are generally a few more options. But put simply:

S7: Is a tracker, with no Driver Recognition Tags

S5: Is a tracker with Driver Recognition Tags

Largely speaking the functionality of each one is the same, as can be seen in the table below:

Trackstar Tracker comparison charts

So the differentiation between the various S5 branded trackers are:

S5: The Driver Recognition Tags will notify the owner of any unauthorised driving of the vehicle

S5 Advance: Will immobilise the vehicle within thirty seconds of leaving it, and therefore cannot be driven without the tags being present

CAT 5: Allows for remote immobilisation.

So on to the question of which tracker do we recommend, for the various Land Rover models, put simply this is as simple as whether you want imobilisation or not. 

Defender: If you just wish to be made aware of the location of the Defender if it got stolen, we recommend fitting the S7, we do a number of products that allow for the immobilisation at a fraction of the cost,and because the immobilisation is a standalone system, then it makes it harder to overcome. The one exception we have to this may be that if the Defender is truly irreplaceable (We know, how can any Defender be replaced!) so for example its been handed down through the family, or is a limited edition model, then we'd recommend fitting the S5 Advance, along with our immobilisation products, that can be run alongside the S5 Advance.

Discovery: We would say that the S5 would be sufficient for most discoveries. again if its a particularly desirable one, and you'd like to immobilise it then the Advance is probably the better option

Range Rover: S5 Advance or CAT5 is the order with these highly desirable models. The CAT5 we would tend to stray away from a little simply because it relies on the vehicle being stolen to immobilise it, we think its far better to prevent that in the first place.

One exception to the rules above, are simply that if you are simply trying to satisfy an insurance requirement, the the S5 base model would be more than sufficient to satisfy them, and subsequently also, be future proof, as that is the highest category for Thatcham approved trackers.

Defender Defender range

We tend to advise on these as purely self fitted trackers, the cost of them is such that if paying to have them installed then you can pay for similar functionality but with the full support of a tracker company to help you find the vehicle. That said the Models in comparison are:

  • Defender Tracker (£159 inc a years subscription) equivalent to S7 (£379), in functionality.
  • Battery Defender (£246 inc a years subscription) equivalent to S7 in functionality, but far easier to install.
  • Defender Defender (£319 inc a years subscription) Equivalent to S5, in functionality.

So as you can see, once you have paid for installation on these units, then its better to go for a supported unit from Trackstar, however as a self fit option its a great way to make a dramatic saving over the insurance approved Trackstar Range.

So, we hope that helps to clear up the best options for which tracker to opt for, but if not we are always on hand for any advice, via email, facebook, website, or just simple old phone!

01489 630024

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