A detailed rundown of the Trackstar S5 Vehicle Tracker

A detailed rundown of the Trackstar S5 Vehicle Tracker



The Trackstar Insurance approved tracker has been on the market for many years, and it has helped hundreds of customers in recovering their stolen cars. When you get an S5 installed, having approval from major vehicle manufacturers gives you complete peace of mind. The ignition being switched on causes the ADR tag to be searched for by the S5, which provides full protection against key cloning. If this tag is outside its boundaries, the tracker will immediately notify headquarters and Trackstar will contact you directly to inquire whether it's a thievery operation. The tags that are attached to the vehicle keys are nice and small and function well. This is essentially the same S5 system that BMW, Range Rover, or Jaguar sells at the dealership. Because we don't have the overhead of a main dealer we can save you money on this installation...


We are fully approved by Trackstar, as elite dealers, and we immediately submit the customer information request form to Trackstar after it's completed. This allows you to get fast insurance coverage because the device is ready and working when the engineer installs it. You may use the Trackstar mobile app at any time to check on your vehicle's status, which means if you're on holiday, you can still check on your vehicle anywhere in the world. The Trackstar tracker is an approved Thatcham tracker with all of the essential features, including a battery back-up, tilt and motion sensors ( detects your vehicle being towed away ), ADR, which checks if the car's owner is behind the wheel. System health checks are performed via wireless technology to ensure that the system remains in good working order.

Key highlights of the S5

  • Fully approved Suitable for all Jaguar Land Rover, BMW and MINI models
  • Thatcham Category S5 – meets the latest & highest UK insurance standards for vehicle tracking.
  • Activates automatically when you leave the vehicle
  • Advance Driver Recognition (ADR) Systems supplied with 2 driver ID tags (additional tags may be purchased)
  • Automatically disarms when the driver ID tag is in the vehicle. If the tag is not present when the vehicle is moved, the S5 will alert as a potential theft.
  • Detects if the vehicle is towed away
  • Motion sensing alert - detects unauthorised movement
  • Detects if the vehicle battery is disconnected
  • Uses the latest GPS & GSM Technology
  • Monitored globally 24 hours a day by Trackstar Secure Operations Centres
  • Includes Nationwide installation by certified engineer
  • Free Trackstar App on IOS and Android so you can monitor your vehicle on a day-to-day basis.
  • Fully transferable
  • 2 Year Warranty


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