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Thatcham Approved. UK Designed & Manufactured to Insurance Approved & Police Preferred Specification

96% Theft Recovery Rate

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24/7 Monitoring

If your vehicle is stolen we will work with the police to recover your vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Global Coverage

Our trackers are 4G capable making it a truly global product meaning we can track your vehicle almost anywhere in the world.

Tow Away Alerts

If your vehicle is towed or moved with the ignition then our tracker will alert you and our control room so we can alert you and the police as soon as possible.




The S5 tracker provides all the features and benefits of the S7 with the addition of:


Key Cloning Protection


Our S5 system comes with a driver tag that protects against key theft and cloning. If the engine is started and the driver tag is not present then it will alert our monitoring team so we can confirm the theft and start the recovery of the vehicle.




The S5+ tracker provides all the features and benefits of the S5 with the addition of:


Automatic Immobilisation


If a thief tries to start the vehicle without the driver tag present then the engine will be immobilised and the vehicle will not start.

ScorpionTrack S5-VTS Tracking actively protects your vehicle against unauthorised movement using advanced technology along with movement detection sensors hidden within the vehicle. Additonal features include Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) and optional immobilisation provides enhanced security. An advanced tracking solution providing 24/7/365 theft monitoring to provide security and peace of mind whilst offering a comprehensive range of driver convenience features for life on the road.

Driver S5-vts Features

Full 24/7/365 Theft Monitoring

Upon unauthorised movement detection, the ScorpionTrack device discretely notifies our Monitoring centre of a possible theft.

Police Supported

In the event of a theft, the ScorpionTrack Monitoring Centre co-ordinates with the appropriate Police Force whilst providing live location and status data.

Ultimate Accuracy & Reliability

Multi GNSS (GPS, GLONASS & Galileo) satellite technology coupled with multi-network roaming GSM technology provides accuracy and reliability.

European Coverage

Tracking cover throughout the UK, Eire and Continental Europe is included as standard with no additional set-up or hidden charges.

Multiple Theft Alerts

Receive early warning theft alerts based on ignition, GNSS, ADR tag & battery status – plus alerts if the vehicle is towed or moved using a transporter.

Thatcham Approved

ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5-VTS meets rigorous Thatcham S5- VTS test standards and is compliant with UK insurer Thatcham Security Certified (TSC) criteria.

4WD Compatibility Chart

Which Insurance Approved Land Rover Tracker do I need?

The suitability of trackers is largely dependent on the value of the vehicle, all Scorpion trackers can ultimately be fitted in all Land Rovers (with the exception of of the Advance and Cat 5 which are not suitable for Hybrids of any kind). Please see below for the various functions to help make your mind up. Or if you already know then please follow the link to the Scorpion page to purchase.

If, having read this guide you are still not sure on what tracker you need then we are always available to chat through the options.

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Convenience Features

Journey History

Generate latest and historical journey reports.

Geofence Alerts

Set geofence locations to get in-app alerts or generate reports when vehicles enter and exit these locations.

Private and business mileage

Produce reports to check against expenses and HMRC compliance.

Live Dashboard

Customisable graphs and charts of journey related data.

Driver Behaviour Analysis

Provides driving style data to help reduce your motoring costs (fuel, wear and tear) and increase safety. This data is not shared with any third party.


Avoid false theft alerts by setting Transport Mode when travelling by ferry or Garage Mode when your vehicle is being serviced. Modes can be set via the mobile app.


We cover installation at any UK postcode. How does it work?

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