Freelander Security

Freelanders can benefit from some additional security…

With all models we would recommend a visual item, so a disklok would be a good addition to any model of freelander… If you have the apetite for less passive additions of security then a wheel clamp is also a good idea, along with driveway security…

Freelander One

Fitting a tracker along with an alarm as well as a battery switch, would really help keep your freelander one safe. We ar ehoping to build the collection with more items for all models so keep checking back regularly.

Freelander Two

The step up from Freelander one is quite a big jump. So as well as the above mentioned items, it would be a good idea to fit some items to combat relay theft (Arising from the introduction of keyless tech) We would certainly advise at the very least to use an RFID case for keyless entry enabled vehicles.

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